Zippy Custom Homes Creates Unique Designs and Constructs According to Clients’ Needs

Zippy Custom Homes cares about the environment… A home’s value can be enhanced, and its environmental footprint reduced, when design and building material choices reflect a commitment to the future. Incorporating climate specific building systems, super insulated wall and roof components, proper ventilation and environmentally friendly materials into your dream home can promote continued health and long-term cost savings.

We’re Ready to Bring the Most Complex Projects to Life

Zippy Custom Homes has a deep commitment to both design excellence and facility integration. The optimum solution is one in which the architectural design is functionally integrated with the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and process components. Our design team will work closely with you and your team.

Working On Exclusive Projects

Designing sustainable, high-performance buildings requires an integration of architectural and engineered systems into a balanced design of sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Zippy Custom Homes merges these practices with the unique requirements and guidelines necessary for advanced technology facilities.

Our Services

We provide our clients with various services conducted by qualified experts.


We believe spaces should reflect the quality, style and identity of the owners and occupants. We are known for responding to our client’s needs. We take care to consider the context of place.


When construction expertise informs design decisions, and architectural experience guides construction management, Zppy Custom Homes can quickly overcome challenges of building process.


More than 90 percent of our projects serve repeat clients who complete more than 10 projects with us on average. Above all, Zippy Custom Homes sustains long-term client relationships because of our dedication.

Home Design

Through our deep integration of teams, strategies and values, we uncover new ways to enhance project design and save money while delivering a far superior experience.

Land Analysis

Zippy Custom Homes leads the design and building industry in innovation by developing and advancing technology. That’s because technology helps us increase the availability of information and reduce risk.

House Renovation

We remain focused on safely delivering the owner’s vision and architectural design intent on time and within budget. Our success doing so has earned us sterling reputation for safety and quality.

About us

At Zippy Custom Homes we believe that meticulous supervision is the only manner in which to build a truly custom home. We believe so strongly in this that a “hands-on” approach for all projects has become our building philosophy.